As everyone knows, the white light of the sun, like the light from a light bulb, contains the whole ‘spectrum’ of visible light that make up the colours of a rainbow. All the colours that light contains can be observed, for example, when we look at the surface of a soap bubble, a laser disc or water droplets in suspension, which create rainbows.

The FILTERED LIGHTING project grew out of this fascination with the colourful, ephemeral light in rainbows. With FILTERED LIGHTING, the same colourful effects can be obtained from the white light produced by a light bulb, by placing one or more coloured, textured filters over it.

The lamp consists of two glass tubes joined together: one transparent, the other sandblasted, to enhance the colour created by the filters. Each tube has been cut to create three slits, into which one, two or up to three different coloured filters can be inserted.
The tubes are also unevenly set, with an overlap of 4 cm, so that additional lamps can be fitted one on top of the other, thereby increasing the colourful effect.
The lower part of the tubes is composed of a white lacquered steel tube which contains the light bulb. This white lacquered tube allows the light to be reflected from the lower lamp, which creates even more interesting effects.