Renovation and large-scale transformation of the living rooms of a single family home.

The project tends to reorganise the rooms to open them to the garden and to bring more natural light. The hall and the dark stairwell are annexed to the living rooms to create a spacious lounge with an open fire.

We set up the kitchen and the dining room in the annexe. The facade was completely renovated.
We designed the annexe as a contemporary volume attached to the old building.
To enhance the contrast, the chassis of the main building is in wood and we painted it in the same colour as the facade. On the other hand, the chassis of the annexe is either in black aluminium or surrounded by a thin structure of steel to create a frame and to give the impression of a fluttering.

To reorganise the rooms, we focused on the furniture. The location of the furniture creates a harmony in the rooms as it hides the imperfections of the walls. As a result, we created new storage space and discreet passages to the toilette and the garage.