The RAINBOW LIGHTING project grew out of this fascination with the colourful, ephemeral light in rainbows.

Indeed, the rainbow is the simplest spectrum of light, it is the simplest separation of light into elementary colors. To see the latter, just observe the scattering of sunlight through water droplets in suspension. With RAINBOW LIGHTING, it is possible to produce with a very sober architectural lighting the colorful effects by placing one or more colored, textured filters over it.

The lamp consists of two glass tubes joined together: one transparent, the other sandblasted, to enhance the colour created by the filters. The lamp can be made of glass or plexiglass.

Each tube has been cut to create nine slits, into which one or more different colored and size filters can be inserted. These filters are like petals that grow around the tubes and through which light is filtered.

These colored filters are made with waste colored glass used by stained glass artists and mosaicists.

By choosing and installing filters, the goal is for users to be able to create their own luminaire and develop it as they wish.


Designer : Olivier VITRY

Materials : transparent, sandblasted and colored glass or plexiglass, white lacquered steel.

Dimensions : Ø65 x H240 mm