Create an interesting table for 4, 6, 8, 20 … people?

A modular table with a soft and original look?

A table that is not boring, a table that expresses different moods on the same object thanks to different tops that can be assembled?

A table that gives you the feeling that you are eating with two or three people in complete privacy at a large table?

SINUOUS TABLE is a modular table system that allows you to create a sinuous table with an original and unique shape, the table of your dreams.

The system is made up of lacquered steel legs with either round or cut-out round tops that can be assembled to create a table as large as desired.

Two types of legs exist for 2 different aesthetics: simple and functional central legs or legs made of steel plates cut in the shape of an arch reminding the architecture of old Brussels houses.

This table system was made by craftsmen in Belgium on the principle of short circuit. One of the craftsmen is Anthony Cognaux, an exceptional marble maker who combines his passion, the experienced workmanship of his team and the most modern technologies to create the trays.


Designer : Olivier VITRY

Materials : marble, okoumé multiplex, steel

Dimensions : Ø 1000mm, H750mm


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