An original idea is deployed in the treatment of the openings of the rear façade of this magnificent mansion, benefitting as it does from the spectacularly verdant surroundings of the islet’s interior.

Some of the windows have been transformed into glazed volumes, allowing the living space to penetrate the vegetation of this town garden designed by François Goffinet.

These glass boxes enable one to live “in” the façade rather than to perceive it as a rupture between inside and outside, while also providing an abundance of natural light.

The staircase, open from basement to attic, is bathed in light from its glazed roof, and forms the principle structural axis of the project, around which the various functions are articulated.

Harmony of materials down to the smallest detail is predominant, due not only to the interior conception, but also to the bespoke furnishings and furniture designed by the Charles Jouffre studio.