ADAPTABLE SOFA is a versatile range of entirely modular ottoman, armchairs and sofas that can be moved around and adapted by yourself, whenever it suits you.

The system consists of a series of cushion-seats, to which chairbacks, armrests and side tables can be added in various sizes. Unlike other modular sofas, the system can evolve, even after purchase, allowing you to move around the various elements as much and as often as you like.

The system is incredibly easy to assemble: the seating is composed of a cushion inserted into a tubular basket-shaped metal structure. The chairbacks, armrests and tables are also composed of a tubular metal structures, but have a thinner metal insert, which can be inserted or removed easily from the seating structure, thanks to a ball-pin locking system.

The chairbacks and armrests come upholstered in bright blue, luxuriously comfortable velvet, to create a contrast with the near-industrial finish of the black galvanised of the metal structure and the side tables.


Designer : Olivier VITRY

Materials : black galvanised steel, blue cotton velvet

Dimensions : seatings : L80 x l80 x H38,5 cm ; long chairbacks : L80 x l14 x H40 cm ; short chairbacks : L40 x l14 x H40 cm ; long armrests : L80 x l14 x H18 cm ; short armrests : L40 x l14 x H18   cm ; side tables : Ø20 x H10,3 cm