This lamp is designed along the lines of the traditional French Bilboquet.

Contained within a round-shaped ball, similar in shape to the traditional Bilboquet, the lamp fits onto the base, thanks, to a hole in the ball. But unlike the game, where the cup has only one hole, here the ball has eight, allowing the lamp to be oriented in different directions.

The ball is mad of walnut or ash to find the artisanal work of the wood turned at the origin of the bilboquet or of bichromate steel that has an interesting, iridescent finish through wich the light is reflected.

The base of the lamp is composed of a bichromate steel tubing or a walnut or ash rod into which two hand-crafted ceramic tubes are inserted. These tubes are lightly textured and come in different colours – a choice of finish that allows you to create your own lamp to suit the atmosphere you desire.


Designer : Olivier VITRY

Materials : ceramic, bichromate steel, walnut, ash

Dimensions : ball of Ø150 mm and base of Ø80 – 48 mm and H170mm


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