STITCHED FURNITURE is a furniture range in perforated and anodized aluminum, jointed and assembled using ropes.

The furniture is made of perforated anodized aluminum sheets. The panels are assembled together using a new form of technical rope.

The sheets are perforated very closely. This furniture is, so, semi-transparent.

This project highlights the technical and aesthetic qualities of the rope, which is tear-resistant while bringing color and softness to the furniture.

The aluminum sheets are evenly perforated, and so with the ropes, they can be “sewn” together and assembled.

Door hinges attaching the fixed panels and the handles have been replaced by this rope.

More of the ropes will be supplied with the pieces so that people can personalize their furniture by embroidering the panels with motifs of their choice and thus obscure part of the furniture. It will also be interesting to consider limited editions embroidered by artists.


Year of creation : 2018

Designer : Olivier VITRY

Materials : aluminum and ropes.

Dimensions : L96 x l48 x H53 cm